Research shows that the average amount of time it takes for a person to "recover" from a significant loss is 5-8 years. That's just letting grief "run its course" or taking the "time heals all wounds" approach. It is generally accepted by professionals assisting people in their time of loss that there are certain tasks a grieving person will accomplish as they reintegrate themselves into their lives without their partners. Completing these tasks is the work of mourning.

"What's the difference between grief and mourning?" you may ask. Grief is the container that holds your thoughts, feelings, and experiences of loss. Mourning is when you take that grief you feel on the inside and express it outside yourself. Grief is what happens, mourning is how you respond to what happens. I believe that it is necessary to authentically and consciously mourn your loss in order to reconcile with it, and ultimately be ready to fully engage in rebuilding your life after loss.

Through individual and group coaching, I take people through my Rebuilding Your Life After Loss Program, a proven-effective nine-step process for reconnecting with your heart, reclaiming your power, and re-aligning with your purpose to create your life's next chapter.  

Some results from completing the program:

  • Greater acceptance of your feelings and freedom of expression

  • A clear vision of what you want, why it is important to you, and direction for achieving it

  • Measurable progress towards reaching your goals and manifesting your vision

  • Release of the energy blocks that keep you stuck in the past

  • Established self-care practices that give you the capacity to care for others from the overflow

  • Inner peace through embracing the soul lessons of your loss and a greater knowing of your life's purpose

  • Completion of unfinished business in your relationship and coming into a greater sense of unconditional loving for yourself and your partner

  • Embracing your strengths and encouragement to take on new roles in your life

  • Acknowledgment and appreciation for who you are

  • Embracing the consciousness of service and giving back in gratitude

  • Self-transformation and a transformed life

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What clients are saying about the program:

"Carrie coached me through a very challenging time of my life with a sensitivity and compassion beyond what I thought possible.  I was immersed in multiple transitions. My husband was ill, we had moved from our big home, my career was winding down, and I was still adjusting to step parenting. Much of what I had used to guide my life up until then wasn't as relevant as it had been before.

She helped me make sense of what was going on in me and helped me through the transitions of death, grieving, letting go, and finding new skills and paths to a joyous future.

Carrie was gentle but firm when she thought I was off the rails. Her work centers around an energy theory that was new to me and very helpful. The theory is deeper and richer than personality assessments I've used in the past. 

Carrie is a deeply grounded master-level listener. In addition to remembering what I’d  said and integrating it into a plan, she never let me divert from sharing about my concerns to making the conversation be about her. I have a dose of skill envy about this.  She is good!

Spoiler alert: she has a way of listening then diagraming or drawing the essence of each of our sessions. I have a visual plan to return to in the course of tracking improvements and making changes.”

~Susan Smyth

"My husband, my soul mate of 43 years, passed away seven and a half years ago. We had met when I was 15. He was there for me when my mother died a few days after I graduated from high school. We married a few years later and had a wonderful life with children and grandchildren. He had an unexpected heart attack and my grief was long-lived. I didn't know how to be just me after all those years together. I felt frozen and lost. I was no longer able to finish art work that I had started long ago. My youngest son recognized I was falling into a depression. He got online to find a therapist or someone I could talk to. 

I called Carrie Doubts immediately and she was so kind and caring. I felt immediate relief. Our first meeting was successful, so positive, and the learning began right away. I knew it would be well worth the investment. It was and more.

I am now moving on in my life's journey to pursue my purpose as an artist and to enjoy the freedom and power of being present in my own good company as I treasure life's moments. I am so thankful to Carrie Doubts for her profound teaching and unconditional support that inspires me to continue learning and evolving as life demands, more confident and empowered.”

~ Janet Whitacre