Testimonials for Carrie

"Carrie Doubts is an innovator in the field of grief recovery.  I am a mental health professional and, from my experience of her, Carrie ranks up there with the very best coaches in this area.

I recently went through an experience of sudden, intense, unexpected loss.  I reached out to Carrie for coaching support with the grief process and she assisted me in ways that I never imagined possible. She was the anchor that I held onto as I walked through the process of rebuilding my sense of self and purpose.  She was able to help me cognitively understand the grief that I was experiencing and to normalize my thoughts and emotions.  She was, most importantly, able to hold a loving, safe, sacred space in which I could cry my tears, heal, and find solace in the face of devastating loss. 

Carrie is loving, supportive, wise, nurturing, tender, and compassionate: she is a beautiful soul.  She kept me functioning in the first few months of my experience of loss, which helped me to gather my inner resources to continue to move into the next stage of my life.

She was instrumental in holding the vision of my future that I was unable to hold for myself.  She shared with me that after a year I would have an entirely different attitude toward my experience – and she was completely accurate. I have turned the page on the painful experiences of the past and I am living my life in gratitude for the many blessings I receive. Working with Carrie has assisted me in leading a transformed life and I am eternally grateful."

~Marie Beech, Psy.D.       

"Carrie coached me through a very challenging time of my life with a sensitivity and compassion beyond what I thought possible.  I was immersed in multiple transitions. My husband was ill, we had moved from our big home, my career was winding down, and I was still adjusting to step parenting. Much of what I had used to guide my life up until then wasn't as relevant as it had been before.

She helped me make sense of what was going on in me and helped me through the transitions of death, grieving, letting go, and finding new skills and paths to a joyous future.

Carrie was gentle but firm when she thought I was off the rails. Her work centers around an energy theory that was new to me and very helpful. The theory is deeper and richer than personality assessments I've used in the past. 

Carrie is a deeply grounded master-level listener. In addition to remembering what I’d  said and integrating it into a plan, she never let me divert from sharing about my concerns to making the conversation be about her. I have a dose of skill envy about this.  She is good!

Spoiler alert: she has a way of listening then diagraming or drawing the essence of each of our sessions. I have a visual plan to return to in the course of tracking improvements and making changes.

Carrie relocated here after spending much of her career in California.  I can't imagine how I would have made it through this recent time of change without her. I am fortunate and so is our Cincinnati community to have such an exceptional and talented coach." 

~Susan Smyth

"I began coaching with Carrie at the beginning of my divorce process when my life felt like it was in shambles. I had been dealing with the loss of my father and my sister on top of the grief I felt about losing my family. I didn't know how I was going to make it through the end of my marriage. Carrie helped me to remain focused on what was important - my two daughters - and moving forward in life. She taught me the power of forgiveness, how to be kinder to myself, and how to work through the feelings of sadness, anger, and anxiety that came up for me. Carrie supported me in embracing my strengths and helped me discover new strengths that I didn't even know that I had. Her approach was gentle, but also firm when I needed it. She helped me lift out of the crippling negative inner dialogue that I would sometimes get into and learn to accept and love myself no matter what.

Through each step of the divorce she helped me make clear, aligned decisions for myself and my girls that created greater acceptance, peace, and harmony for our entire family. 

Carrie's support, wisdom, and love has been life-changing."

~Angela Cheung

"When I first met Carrie, I was two years into grieving the sudden loss of my beloved husband. I had lost my will to live and was living in a state of torment. Carrie instantly recognized the unhealthy way my mind was creating a 'doom loop' causing me to re-traumatize myself on a daily basis. I was at my lowest point and didn't think I could survive such a devastating and confusing loss. Carrie lifted me out of the well of grief by cradling me in her silver wings of loving. Carrie gave me the tools and techniques to find my way back to my true self and the new woman I had become. Without her caring and thoughtful insights about the insecurities, patterns, and imprints imposed by grief, I would not be here and be thriving. There is no question working with Carrie is the softest place you could land to find your way back home to yourself."

~Julie Steelman

"I met Carrie when I took her course, Rebuilding Your Life After Loss, at the time I was going through my divorce. Not only did the course help me tremendously, but I was able to work with Carrie privately for a little while after the course completed. When I went for the court hearing, I really didn't know how it would turn out. I could never have been this emotionally intact and had such clarity without the time she took to help me. Carrie's helping me to understand my ex and why he did what he did, helped me so much. I realize I can accept what I can understand. I would have never gotten to this understanding on my own.

Carrie is an amazing life coach and the time I spent with her was invaluable to me."

~Jayne Reizner

"My husband was 55 years old and a private pilot. He crashed his small open cockpit plane into a cell phone tower 2 days before our yearly vacation and passed away instantly.  I was completely devastated and wanted to die myself. He was the one and only love of my life, we were together almost 24/7.  I felt like half my body was cut away from me when he passed. I lost 40 lbs, couldn’t even eat, I didn’t see any use in anything except laying on the couch, crying, and watching TV.

My doctor put me on antidepressants and anxiety medication which made me a zombie then made the anxiety worse.  Carrie literally scraped me off the floor and brought me back to life.  I am off the anxiety medication and almost off the antidepressants thanks to Carrie and everything she taught me over the 6 month period she coached me.  I’ve gained some of the weight back, and have become social again and caring about my life and others. In my eyes Carrie is a miracle worker and I will never forget her as long as I live.  I feel blessed that I had her help every week for 6 months, I know I couldn’t have got to the point of living and functioning again without her help. Thank you Carrie!" 

~Carol Dalo

"The death of my beloved partner was one of the most challenging experiences I'd ever gone through, and I found myself not knowing how to move through my grieving process. I felt lost and that nobody understood what I was going through.

I needed a safe place to process, to heal, and to get ready to move forward. I found that in being coached by Carrie Doubts. In seven months of working with her, I was able to complete the process of mourning and move more fully back into my life and the dreams for my future. The blow to my self-esteem, my confidence, and the trauma of his death are now healed and I've emerged from the work with new excitement and belief in myself and my purpose. 

Carrie is a great coach. She created such a place of safety for me to cry all my tears, express my feelings of anger at the world, and ultimately start taking better care of myself so I could recover my sense of purpose again. Through her gentle guidance, I am delivered back to myself and full of enthusiasm for my future. I urge anyone who is struggling with loss to just let go of the struggle and get support with your recovery. Carrie provides what you'll need to be restored and renewed."


"Carrie Doubts is a light bearer, a way shower for those of us who have had to bear the unbearable.  Carrie lovingly held my hand for over a year as I navigated through the darkness of my grief. Her coaching was miraculous. I never knew grief could teach me so much. I can honestly say, 'It is good to grow wise by sorrow.'- Aeschylus

Carrie led me to recognize that a significant part of myself did not die when my beloved passed away. She helped me see that I still have a special purpose for living. Through it all she also validated and honored something that I valued very much. Grief was a burden that I continued to carry with gratitude. Had I not loved as deeply as I did my life would have been very desolate indeed. Because of Carrie's compassion and insight I can say I have lived the truth of the statement by William Faulkner, "Between grief and nothing I will take grief.' 

Thank you, Carrie, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for assisting me to fully embrace the richest portion of my life."

~ Elizabeth Meredith

"My husband, my soul mate of 43 years, passed away seven and a half years ago. We had met when I was 15. He was there for me when my mother died a few days after I graduated from high school. We married a few years later and had a wonderful life with children and grandchildren. He had an unexpected heart attack and my grief was long-lived. I didn't know how to be just me after all those years together. I felt frozen and lost. I was no longer able to finish art work that I had started long ago. My youngest son recognized I was falling into a depression. He got online to find a therapist or someone I could talk to. 

I called Carrie Doubts immediately and she was so kind and caring. I felt immediate relief. Our first meeting was successful, so positive, and the learning began right away. I knew it would be well worth the investment. It was and more. I had graduated Magna Cum Laude from Miami University, but I must admit that I learned the most important facts and actual skills that I could immediately decide to activate; common sense goals that seemed so simple but I just hadn't known how to navigate. I was so filled with joy that this was totally workable and so meaningful.

I am now moving on in my life's journey to pursue my purpose as an artist and to enjoy the freedom and power of being present in my own good company as I treasure life's moments. I am so thankful to Carrie Doubts for her profound teaching and unconditional support that inspires me to continue learning and evolving as life demands, more confident and empowered.

I believe in signs because I have experienced many since my husband's death. Each one brought me so much joy and hope, because I felt he wanted me to know that love never dies. I knew right away that Carrie was the perfect person to assist me. It was another sign that I was ready to move forward into my wonderful new life."

~ Janet Whitacre

“I started to work with Carrie Doubts about 10 months ago, when I was in a difficult situation after a painful separation and a tough moment in my professional life, within a hard environment far from my family and friends. And on top of that both of my parents got seriously ill.

In that moment everything felt like a huge mountain to climb. I was looking for an oxygen mask but what I found overcame any of my expectations. Carrie is kind and loving but for the top was the feeling that my heart and emotional life were safe and in a good hands. Hers is a lightning soul that guided me when I was in a shadowed times.

The path we walked brought me to a place where I can see myself and my life from a perspective I was not able to see before, overloaded by the emotions – being able to know myself, being able to be more aware of who I am and being able to love who I am. Arriving to the conclusion that it is not a matter of fighting or running from my feelings, just accepting and embracing them as part of myself and being proud of them. 

She helped me to be a better person and a happier one, for that I can only be thankful. She is going to have always a place in my heart.”

~ Salvador Simó Busom

"I came to Carrie looking for help with my business goals. I had other personal goals that I had in mind as well, but the priority was help with leadership and organization in my business. It was important to me that I be coached by a woman that had juggled work and family/kids. Carrie was perfect for this! I loved that we started with the Energy Leadership Index as a base. It taught me more about me and what energy levels I work best in and ones that I default to that do not always serve me. I set specific goals with regards to what I wanted to accomplish and Carrie was excellent ant keeping me accountable and in helping me meet these goals. I especially appreciated that outside perspective that she gave me on what I could expect from my team and what they needed to expect from me as their leader. I am not just there to be their friend and give them money. This is a business! :) Not only did I realize that but with her coaching I began to see myself as the CEO of my life and my business. It's an interesting perspective shift that helps in all aspects to view myself this way. The CEO and the creator! So much power coming from this space where I have creative power and choice!

Not only did she help me reach business goals, but she helped me work through some personal issues. She gave me great insights on how to handle comparing myself to other women (a problem that is too common among women). She also helped me to be more accepting of myself; how to be an observer of myself without judgment; how to create and keep agreements with my inner/basic self and helped bring an awareness of patterns in my life that don't serve me. Thank you Carrie for the time, insights, exercises and pardigm shifts you brought up for me! I appreciate it more than I can express in words!"

~ Becky Staples

"My work with Carrie delivered a miracle that I could not have imagined. The results I experienced in our work together far exceeded anything I thought possible. My experience with personal tragedy had taken its toll on my well being, despite the support and counseling I received in the past.

My husband had been diagnosed with terminal Stage Four cancer and given 3-6 months to live. One year into my husband’s cancer treatment, our son was shot and killed unjustly by a civil sheriff. I couldn’t have imagined that my life would include attending the services for my young son with my terminally ill husband. I didn’t think I’d survive the loss of my son. I survived, but as personal tragedy has it, the devastation that followed included Hurricane Katrina, my husband's passing, and the deaths of four additional loved ones. I was told God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. I decided that God does not. Life does. When it does, God gives us the grace to stretch beyond our perceived limits.

I was led to Carrie, who listened to me recount the traumas in a way that made me feel like she was holding a sacred space for me to feel and express the rawest of emotion and speak about my experience with suffering without judgment. With Carrie, I felt a sense of protection, safety, and for the first time, the possibility of a kind of healing that would later transform my being.

Carrie’s use of the best coaching skills, tools, and processes seemed absolutely brilliant to me as layer after layer was peeled away. I learned how let go of a big chunk of grief I held onto in the suffering. Transcending this healed my heart and soul in a way that I cannot describe. I have a peace that ‘surpasses my understanding’. I am ever so deeply grateful to Carrie and thank her for sharing her gift with me and with others. May they be led to her, as well."

 ~ Martha Nugent

“When I had hit rock bottom with grief and self-imposed victimization I started an online search for help. I wanted a new approach to putting my life back together. I had been to a traditional counselor before and felt drained after re-hashing the past, but never felt that I had received the help to put my life back on the tracks and chug forward. As I searched online, I found Carrie's website and immediately felt a connection to what she professed to be. As we worked together over the next few months I realized that her website, bio, and testimonials do her little justice for how adept she is at connecting to her client’s inner being and seeing straight into the heart and soul of those she helps.

 Carrie was able to help me find my true self again. Her love and compassion made me feel so safe, which allowed me to let down all the walls and barriers and truly receive the help I needed. As I worked through the exercises she taught me that I was right where God needed and wanted me to be to learn how strong I truly am. With her help I was able to grow in my spiritual life, my family life, my professional life and my interpersonal life. What an amazing gift she has to be able to help others in such a holistic way.

 I think the biggest success for me is the fact that she helped me to open my heart up to loving again and a few short weeks after we finished our sessions I found my true love and married him on November 17th, 2013. Without Carrie's guidance in how to heal and move on after the loss of my first marriage and the grief that had struck my heart, I would not have been so open to giving and receiving love again. Carrie has been blessed with an amazing gift of helping others in hard times of life and I am so very thankful our paths crossed and she was my Life Coach!”

 ~ Melissa Mullins

"One day, my wife of 25 years came home from work and told me the following words: 'I'm not happy. I don't love you and I want a divorce.' I was devastated, my world shattered, and the course of my life new life was charted. I didn't want that new life. I wanted my old life back.

As with all good husbands, I attempted to rectify the marriage by grasping at any service that would help me save my family, which consisted of my wife, daughter, and son. No one helped me.

All that I knew and had worked for was taken from me in a matter of thirty days. I was a stay-at-home father, graduate student, and part-time paralegal for 9 years of my life. I cared for my family and helped my wife with her career so she was able to get a prosperous job in the health care industry (essentially a role reversal).

I was 44 years old when we separated and I wanted my life to be over. I cried every day, lost weight, and waited for the day when my failure to eat would inevitably take its toll on my body. I hoped that one night I would go to sleep and not wake up, not have to face the pain and sadness of my life. Then, I was introduced to Carrie Doubts, owner of Life's Next Chapter Coaching.

At our first meeting, Carrie assessed my situation with caring and skill. I felt like I was with a loving friend who understood what I was going through.

Carrie never gave up on me, even when I wanted to. She supported me through the divorce and my grief, allowed me the dignity of my process, gave me a shoulder to cry on, and the ability of channeling my anger through constructive means.

It has been a year since that divergence in my life and, thanks to Carrie, I embrace my new life. I have a wonderful girlfriend and I am pursuing my career in law enforcement again.

Carrie is simply the best at what she does. I am a better person, a survivor of life's lessons, and my heart is nearly healed.”

 ~ E.G., Police Recruit

"Carrie has been my coach and confidant for the past year and my life has become richer and more fulfilling as a result. She strikes the perfect and articulated balance between compassion and a gentle 'kick in the pants.' Her focused questions serve me to get to the heart of the matter and to see from a higher vantage point the bigger picture of my life and what is really important. She holds a sacred space of loving support for me to do my work of clearing whatever is in the way of me being my greatest self in the world. Simply put, Carrie has guided me to find gales for my wings so I can soar."

~ Heather Daly, Ph.D. Executive Director, Courageous Hearts Youth Services, Inc.

"I am in the process of enormous personal transformation in both my personal relationships and in my business aspirations. At the end of every coaching session I've had with Carrie, I know I have moved forward toward achieving my goals. I recently read this quote from a book by Barbara Stanny, Secrets of Six Figure Women. She says successful women have two types of support, 'True Believers, people who recognize their potential and offer encouragement, and Way Showers, people who provide the map and serve as proof that success is possible. True Believers say, Go for it. You can do it. Way Showers say, Let me show you how.' Carrie is always a True Believer for me and often is also a Way Shower.

Carrie's commitment to her own personal growth and her extensive training gives her the ability to stay with me as I work through any situation at any depth of consciousness. Her warmth and caring also have created a safe space for me to do very deep work with releasing the beliefs and attitudes that have kept me stuck and not realizing my potential. I'm often amazed at the variety of tools she has at her disposal and how intuitive her choice of tool or exercise is for what I am working through at any given time.

I cannot think of any life circumstance where coaching from Carrie would not be encouraging, supportive, and empowering. She has a unique blend of caring support and strength in holding me accountable to what I way I will do. She also doesn't let me get away with playing small and inspires me to stretch into my best self. I'm very grateful."

~Nancy Landrum

"As a result of learning about my energy levels and the choices I have available to me in each moment, I've been able to make tremendous progress in my relationship with my wife. I no longer react to situations in frustration and anger, but am able to calmly reflect on my options and choose my response that is more aligned with who I am. I've learned I'm a highly caring man, who wants to provide the best for my family in all I do. Since working with Carrie, my wife and I are no longer in the process of divorcing, but are actively working together to appreciate each other's point of view and cooperate better than we ever have in the past. I’m happier than I've been in years."


"I hired Carrie as an Executive Coach and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  My life has been transformed personally and professionally and I contribute it to the loving, consistent support I receive from Carrie every other week.  Carrie's coaching skills are top notch. Carrie creates a sense of safety, so you can share with her what is truly going on for you and she listens with an empathetic heart.  She knows how to bring out the best in people and respects where I am when I talk with her.

Through the coaching, Carrie has taught me how to ask for what I want and supported me in reframing irrational beliefs I was holding against myself that were blocking me from advancing professionally.  I also wanted to start an exercise program and didn't know how to go about it. Through Carrie's encouragement and holding me to keeping my word, I now work with a personal trainer every week. I feel so much better on the inner and outer! 

Other wins I have had by working with Carrie are:

  • My salary increased over 20%.
  • I went from being a Manager to a Vice President in my current job position.
  • I'm less judgmental against myself and others.
  • I've learned leadership communication skills that assist me in communicating with my staff authentically as well as empowering them at the same time.
  • I dream BIG and take actions toward manifesting my dreams.  I no longer hold myself back.

Working with Carrie is worth every penny and more.  You will see a return on your investment very quickly either financially and/or within your heart.  Your dreams and your heart will thank you everyday for the decision you made to work with her.  I'm in gratitude everyday."

~ Amy Hruby

"As a result of my work with Carrie, I have a much deeper understanding of myself. I've learned that I can overcome obstacles on my own even when they feel impossible to navigate alone.

I have left behind the notion that I am powerless and I am much more connected to my true self – a woman capable of owning my strength and allowing myself to love and trust myself and others. I am enjoying stepping out of my comfort zone knowing that facing my fears is opening up my life to endless possibilities.

Carrie has helped me to connect with the divine being inside of me and for this, I am eternally grateful.

Lastly, I appreciate Carrie's beautiful heart. She has been gentle, yet firm, and lovingly guided me in taking more responsibility for my actions. If you are ready for your transformation, Carrie is for you!"

~Kristin Tatman

"I loved working with Carrie and found our time working together to have a major impact on my life. It wasn't trauma that led me to Carrie, but a need to make progress on my professional development. She was very skilled at hitting the balance between empathic listening and prodding me to make positive steps forward. It was amazing to look back, after six sessions, and see how far I'd come in getting what I said I wanted out the outset. She's a wonderful person and a joy to work with."

~John  V.

"Carrie is a warm and wonderful coach, and working with her has been a profound experience.  She helped me to find clarity and empowerment during a time when I felt muddled, confused, and trapped. She provided me with many tools and exercises that I've been able to turn to again and again.  I am very grateful for the experience that I had with Carrie.  I would seek her support and guidance again in a heartbeat, and I would recommend her to a friend without hesitation.  The work we did together was transformative."

~ Alicia C.

"Carrie brings to her coaching a presence of loving and a depth of commitment that is extraordinary. Our work together in the transitional journey of grief has been powerful and a space within which I can trust her to meet me with both compassion and clarity. Her skills are a unique blend of intuitive insights, loving support, and functional tools that have assisted me in being present with my current life and also taking real action steps toward growth and renewal. I have felt blessed by her wisdom, grace, and clear guidance."

~ Carole Sarles Downing

"I came to work with Carrie when I was experiencing a debilitating, chronic illness that turned out to be a crossroads in my life. I did not know which direction to move towards, so I stayed stuck in not knowing for far too long. For me, the heart of Carrie's coaching has been her spirit of loving compassion, which has helped me tremendously in co-creating new possibilities for my life. She brings a supportive learning orientation to each session, as well as her great sense of humor.

Carrie has shown me how to follow the positive energy around my dreams to create powerful, purposeful action steps. She is highly motivating and committed to my success and has helped me tremendously in aligning my passion and values with my objectives. She got me moving again in the direction of my heart and calling.

Working with Carrie on both the inner and outer aspects of my goals, I have learned to challenge limiting beliefs and replace them with my life-affirming thoughts that open me to more loving.

By affirming my intention, brainstorming new ideas, and holding me accountable, she has helped me to expand my capacity for living a happier, fuller, and more meaningful life."

~ Colleen Callahan

"Working with Carrie has been a truly healing and awakening experience. I have gained so much awareness about myself and my soul's purpose and direction through working this gentle, yet thorough process together.

Carrie is a profoundly intuitive, insightful, and loving being, and her unwavering support and encouragement in helping me find more clarity, joy, and freedom in my life has been a gift.  Spirit comes right through her in magnificent ways, and the guidance and blessings that have unfolded for me on my journey have been truly invaluable. I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Carrie and to continue awakening to my soul's truth and joy! "

~ Jenny

 "Carrie's compassion as well as her intuitive insights provided a safe and sacred space for me to do profound healing work. I have been able to move through many of the energy blocks that were holding me back from realizing the beauty, power, and preciousness of who I am. She helped me to see and own my strengths and apply them in my life in areas that are important to me like parenting, intimate relationships, and work/life balance. She blends a loving approach with purposeful accountability - I always have the sense that she is paying attention to what is important to me and supports me to take action towards my goals. 

Even at those times when I was really struggling with limiting patterns of resistance and fear, she gently held for me, making it ok to be where I am, then assisted me in moving past these patterns into the experiences of self-loving, acceptance, and peace. If you are feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward, Carrie has what it takes to help you get un-stuck and moving in a positive direction." 

~ Danielle Baum

"In the few short months I've been working with Carrie, I went from feeling stuck, stagnant, and disengaged to feeling empowered, connected, and moving forward with confidence. This is a profound shift. I can look back and see that in my previous state, I thought life was happening to me. In this new one, I'm happy to make new choices for myself. Internally, I feel more peace, more confidence, more connected to myself and to Life.

Externally, I successfully negotiated a significant raise I had put off asking for simply because Carrie helped me own my value, I starting healing my relationship with my mom in profound ways and started taking meaningful steps towards meeting my life partner.

Carrie is gifted at seeing the truth of who I am so that I can see it and somehow turning that truth into aligned, supportive action. Before, I would have said my life is "over" at 35. Now, I can see it is unfolding and blossoming in ways I couldn't have imagined. I'm looking forward to what unfolds next."

~Julieanne Chazotte

"Carrie Doubts is simply amazing, not only as a Grief Coach but as a human being.  I started working with her 6 months after the passing of my husband.  She really provided comfort, an empathetic ear, and held a safe and sacred space for me to navigate the grief as well as gave me permission to explore who I am now and who I want to be in the future.  I highly recommend Carrie to anyone you needs a gentle approach yet still wants to be held accountable as they come back into the world of the living.  I will always be grateful to Carrie for guiding me back into safe harbors.  Thank you, Carrie."

                                                                       ~Karen Hamilton Gregor

"Carrie is a truly gifted coach. Through her compassionate, non-judgmental approach, she effortlessly guides her clients to a greater awareness of their inner strengths during difficult times. If you’re in search of the serenity of inner peace, Carrie is the right coach.

I truly appreciate her knowledge, talents and gifts."

~ Teresa Bruni


Anger - the Most Unloved Emotion

Anger is an emotion that has a lot of bad press. Most often what we experience is people inflicting their anger onto others. When you’re angry, it’s easy to lash out on your loved ones and those who least deserve it.

Because of its destructive potential, many people are afraid of anger. When this is the case, anger is often denied and left unexpressed.