Private coaching sessions are provided to people in a safe and personalized environment to share their deepest experiences, work through their emotional pain, and receive one-on-one guidance and support for rebuilding their life after loss.

Coaching for groups

I offer two coaching programs for groups. The first is Rebuilding Your Life After Loss, for people experiencing bereavement and grief over the loss of a loved one. The second program is Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce.

Though there is a similar approach and philosophy to my work in both programs, I find it beneficial for the participants to work together with others going through similar experiences. In both programs you will learn how to let go of the pain of grief, adapt to your losses, connect with your new life's purpose, and create your life's next chapter. At the completion of these programs, you will come away with greater levels of peace and acceptance and a clear vision of what you want, why it is important to you, and direction and support for achieving it. The result is self-transformation and a transformed life.


Experiencing loss is a really challenging part of being in transition. Whether you find yourself disengaged – willingly or not – from a job, a relationship, a community, a role you have been playing, it helps to have support in successfully navigating the transition from your old way of being to finding and engaging in the new.  Loss of security, familiarity, self-esteem, and a part of your identity create inner challenges that must be met in order to successfully deal with change.

I support people in making the shifts in their inner world that allow them to move forward and embrace change in relationships, career, health, re-location, retirement, empty nesting, travel, etc.  This work is paired with action-oriented coaching regarding your vision, goals, and the actions that will move you forward to co-creating your heartfelt dreams.  Transition is viewed as transformational opportunity to reconnect with your heart, reclaim your power, and re-align with your soul to create your life’s next chapter.

Complimentary Session

I provide a complimentary session for those considering entering into the coaching process with me. During this session, I want to hear about your challenges and needs. I also want you to feel comfortable and ask me any questions you may have about coaching and the process. We will have the opportunity to get to know each other and determine if coaching is the appropriate next step for you.  

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