Carrie Doubts, Transformational Coach: Helping You Rebuild Your Life After Loss

Carrie Doubts, Transformational Coach: Helping You Rebuild Your Life After Loss

There are few experiences in life with the ability to shake your faith in yourself, the world, and everything you thought you knew to be true like losing a spouse or life partner. Whether you lost your partner to death or divorce, suddenly you become a “me” instead of a “we” and with that realization comes a bevy of difficult emotions like sadness, loneliness, anger, intolerable grief, and an anxious uncertainty about what the future now holds. And while this is potentially the most painful time of your life, you can create something beautiful and meaningful out of this experience. I'm here to help you do that.

I founded Life’s Next Chapter Coaching on the belief that there is no “right” way to grieve a loss this big. I provide a coaching environment where you can express yourself freely and be where YOU are in the grieving process. In this safe space, you are given the compassion and support you need to move through this difficult time on your terms and transition from heartbreak to whole-heartedly participating in life based on your new vision for yourself.

Your pain is real. And it has a message for you. I can help you discover the hidden blessing in your situation. My mission is to help you create the life you want to be living on the other side of this transition.

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What clients are saying about WORKING WITH Carrie….

Carrie lifted me out of the well of grief by cradling me in her silver wings of loving.”

“Carrie is a deeply grounded master-level listener.”

“Carrie Doubts is a light bearer, a way shower for those of us who have had to bear the unbearable.”

“Carrie literally scraped me off the floor and brought me back to life.

”With Carrie, I felt a sense of protection, safety, and for the first time, the possibility of a kind of healing that would later transform my being.

”Carrie has been blessed with an amazing gift of helping others in hard times of life

”Carrie is simply the best at what she does.
She Has a Name - A Love Letter Written in the Midst of Divorce

I never thought I would be divorced. Marriage was for life. Or so I thought. Or so we thought. It was a holy expectation, a deep commitment to the lifelong. Through better and worse. Through the drama and mundane of life. We made vows before God and family and friends. We uttered them meaningfully.