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Virtual Divorce Support Group Meeting - Dealing with the Holidays


A lot of the people in the world are walking through a relationship break-down or divorce are struggling through it on their own. Isn’t it strange how we sometimes feel like we’re the only ones? And when you add walking through the holidays to this, it often feels even more sad and lonely.

Is this true for you? Are you dreading the end of December already?

Here’s what may be a new possibility for you: How about giving yourself these gifts? Acceptance. Connection. Community. Love.

Our Meet-Ups have been a wonderful time for our community to come together and realize that you are not alone. You’ve also gained skills and tools that can support you in Rebuilding Your Life After Loss.

I was thinking about you and that difficult stretch of time between the holidays and New Year and I decided to create a virtual community event – a Virtual Meet-Up – where we can be together and support one another and learn.

I’m teaming up with Trace Hobson to host this virtual hang-out (by computer or phone) on Zoom on December 27 at 7:00-9:00 pm eastern. This is an opportunity to come into our shared space to give and receive extravagantly the gifts you desire for yourself now and into the new year.

Would you like to come?

Click here more information and to register.