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The Whole Heart - A Three-Month Divorce Coaching Program

Going through a divorce, what kind of support do you really need? Hint: Sympathy can only get you so far on the transformational journey you are navigating.

We get it. When you have your friends telling you it’s time to “move on” after your divorce, you long for a compassionate presence to accept you the way you are. Just being able to talk to someone and have him/her really listen to you, without needing you to be “better” or “fixed” seems impossible. So you suck it up and say “I’m fine” when people ask you how you are doing. You’ve learned they don’t want to hear about how you are really feeling. Finding people who sympathize with you when you are in the pit of despair is great. And, this by itself won’t get you out of the pit. Chances are, people who are overly sympathetic will climb down in there with you so you won’t be alone. Then there are two of you down in there. This is not helping. Here’s what this group is about. There is compassion, acceptance, and understanding to be found here. And, you’ll learn new skills to help yourself get out of the pit of despair and start walking towards your better future. You’ll learn what’s really true and whole about you and start to draw on your own inner strengths 2 and resources as you climb upward.

When you feel that your heart has been broken by this divorce – and the losses that come with it – through participating in this program, you will discover your way back to wholeheartedly participating in your life again. Your heart remembers how to be whole and it will heal. We will start the process by asking you powerful questions - some that are very different from the kinds of questions you are used to hearing. And you’ll hear yourself answering them from a very different place inside that you are used to accessing: your Authentic Self. You’ll be held in a very safe space to do this kind of deep exploration into the transformational opportunity that divorce has presented to you and to your family. We believe that the way to heal is to walk into and through the pain, transforming it into strength through the presence of love.

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