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The Whole Heart - Transformational Presence Through Divorce Forum


When going through a divorce, what kind of support do you really need? Hint: Sympathy can only get you so far on the transformational journey you are navigating.

Join me, Carrie Doubts MA, PCC, Transformational Life Coach and Trace Hobson, CTPC, Transformational Leadership Coach for this interactive forum to discuss your divorce and how it may actually be serving you to help you learn and grow.

This meeting is a free introduction to The Whole Heart: A Three-Month Divorce Coaching Program offered by Carrie Doubts and Trace Hobson. This group is for people who are wanting support in walking through their divorce with the intention to use it as a Transformational Opportunity.

What:   Being Whole Hearted While Walking Through Divorce
When:  March 8, 2018, 7:00 pm EST
Where: Online via Zoom 

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We're going to create a space where we listen deeply to what your heart is saying to you about its wholeness and a heart-centered life that reflects loving, strength, and resilience.

We're also going to share details about The Whole Heart Divorce Coaching Group that will be starting on April 5, 2018. This Three-month group is a unique program designed to help you navigate through your divorce by teaching you new skills and approaches to use this experience as a path to a healthier, happier next chapter of your life.

Join us!

Divorce is one of the most painful experiences you will face in life. Let this divorce be your last. Let it be the gateway to a healthier and happier relationship WITH YOURSELF, first and foremost.